The 2Can, The Ultimate Cycling Experience

Two-seat, recumbent ‘sociables’, as their name implies, make cycling a pleasure shared. There is simply no comparison between the side-by-side companionship and comfort of a sociable and the loneliness of the back-seat of a tandem – where riders spend their journeys contemplating their companion’s posterior.

TOUCAN ENGINEERING LIMITED set out to create the ultimate sociable. It had to be fast and stylish, sturdy and ergonomic and accessible to people who are unable to manage a ‘conventional’ bicycle.
The result – the 2Can – made its national debut at NAIDEX 2004.

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Fast and nimble enough to satisfy cyclists in a hurry, sturdy and reliable enough to pay its way in a cycle hire business or serve as a workhorse and packed with features and accessories that make it accessible to the elderly and disabled, the 2Can brings a new dimension to cycling.

You can with the 2can – and you’ll love it.

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