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In England and Europe**: 2Can 2Can “i” 3499€ £2499 2Can Familly * * 2Can Tourer * * Handcrank Accessories Handcrank (with belt transmission) * * Footrest * * Handgrip * * Belt (different lengths) * * wheelchair storage * * Other Accessories Harness * * Headrest * * Child seat * * Trailer * * Spares Aluminium seat * * Mesh seat * * Full rear wheel (with DEORE hub, without tire) * * Full front wheel (without tire) * * Tire (contact us for the different models) * * **Price in Euro (VAT included) or GBP (VAT excluded) without options, without shipping price, price and specifications may be altered without notice, please call for up to date information. *Please contact us for price details

2Can Tourer: This is the lightest version, built for maximum speed and performance. Ideal for cyclists who want to go places, it can be custom-built to order. 2Can Family: Designed to make cycling a pleasure the whole family can share, it features an integral rear luggage platform and can carry one or two child seats, a wheelchair or a big ‘boot’ for shopping, luggage etc. 2Can inclusive: Designed for hire companies, clubs, holiday centres and other multi-user environments, it features sliding seats for fast easy adjustment without tools and a specially strong frame. Like the other versions, it can be stood on end for storage in little more space than would be taken up by a conventional bicycle. Modifications can be specified with your order and there is a growing range of accessories available.  

Some of the features that make the 2Can the ultimate cycling experience: Independent Drives and Gearing allow each rider to contribute according to his or her ability. Comfort: Side-by-side bucket seats offer car-style comfort, while the recumbent position gives you more pedal power than the sit-up-and-beg posture required for conventional bicycles. Touring is a pleasure – not a pain in the butt. Accessibility : Handcranks can replace pedals for riders with lower limb disorders. Blind or partially sighted riders can enjoy the wind in their faces and carry on a normal conversation with their sighted co-riders. Steering : The centrally-mounted joystick steering is sensitive, precise and intuitive to use. The steering is quickly converted from righthand drive to lefthand drive. Stability : The three-wheels and an exceptionally low centre of gravity make the 2Can safe and stable, whether at rest or cornering at high speed. Standard bicycle parts are used…

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